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This is not the same as the "trigger" used for effects with Keywords in English Booster Sets from BT01-03: Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 to BT-06: Booster Double Diamond. The Japanese cards did not contain "trigger" in the Japanese texts.

Trigger (誘発 Yūhatsu) is an action performed by the game to prepare effects for Activation. After an effect is triggered it becomes "pending activation".


Effects that meet their trigger conditions are triggered during a Trigger Window. Most commonly, when an another effect or action has finished applying its effects.

Effects can only trigger once in response to the same activity happening multiple times at the same time. (e.g. Multiple Digimon being deleted by having 0 DP, an effect that deletes 2 Digimon at the same time).

Trigger Conditions

Trigger Conditions are commonly denoted by "when". They are only checked when an effect would trigger (i.e. be placed into "pending activation" state). If the trigger conditions are met, the effect is put on "pending activation" status for the player to eventually activate following Effect Resolution procedures.

Interruptive Effects

Interruptive Effects follow special rules and follow the [Main], [Your Turn], [Opponent's Turn], or [All Turns] Effect Structure. They are differentiated by their trigger condition specifying "when... would" as explained in the Detailed Rulebook. In Japanese, these effects are instead differentiated that are written in present tense.

Interruptive Effects do not follow the same Trigger rules as other effects (e.g. Trigger Windows). They all trigger and activate immediately rather than waiting for the next trigger window.

Trigger Windows

This is an unofficial term, but is necessary to resolve particular rulings.

A window of time where effects are "allowed to be triggered". All effects that met their trigger condition are triggered during a trigger window.

The following actions create an additional trigger window:

  • Using an Option card: "when you use an Option" effects trigger before but activate after effects triggered by the Option effect.
  • After an Effect Ends: When an effect reaches the last "." All effects that met their condition since that effect started get triggered.
  • Rules Processing: After an effect ends and has triggered other effects, the rules processing will trash level 2 Digimon in the Battle Area and delete Digimon with 0 DP. Any effects that meet their condition off them also trigger.
  • Finishing an Action: Digivolving, Playing, Declaring an Attack, etc. Are actions that have a Trigger Window after all steps in that action.

The same instance of an effect can be triggered multiple times in the same trigger window as long as the action happened at different times. If you have 2 different cards with the same effect, or if a Digimon has that effect twice those are counted as separate instances of an effect.

Effects triggered in the same trigger window are treated as "triggering at the same time" and go into the same list in the stack.

Interruptive Effects do not follow Trigger Window rules. They trigger immediately and activate immediately before resolving an effect or action.