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Not to be confused with the area on the Playing Field which is Trash.

Trashing (Japanese: 破棄Haki, Translated: Destroy) is an action that can only be performed via card effects. It involves sending a card to the trash.

Examples of Effects that Trash

The following are examples of effects that trash.


  1. Q: Can I trash the Digimon in my breeding area to hatch a new Digi-Egg card?
    A: No, you can't. Digimon and Tamers can't be trashed or returned to your hand or deck unless the game rules require it.

Trashing Digivolution Cards

  1. Q: Can my effect that trashes a digivolution card from a Digimon be used to delete a Digimon with no digivolution cards?
    A: No, the effect will resolve without affect on a Digimon with no digivolution cards.1
  2. Q: If my effect would trash 2 or more multiple digivolution cards at once, can it be used to trash digivolution cards off a Digimon with only 1 digivolution card?
    A: Yes, in that case it would only trash 1 digivolution card.1
  3. Q: If I use an effect that makes a Digimon leave the Battle Area and has the following text: "Trash all of the digivolution cards of that Digimon". Does this trigger an effect that reads "when... digivolution card is trashed"?
    A: No, you can't. "Trash all of the digivolution cards of those Digimon" is an explanation of what happens to the digivolution cards of the Digimon when it returns to their hand. It doesn't count as trashing digivolution for the purposes of this card's effect.2

Trashing top card of a Digimon

  1. Q: Do effects that trash the top card of a Digimon trigger effects with "when... digivolution card is trashed"?
    A: No, the top card of a Digimon is not a digivolution card.2
  2. Q: If I have an effect that trashes the top card of my Digimon such as <De-Digivolve> or <Armor Purge>. Does the Digimon retain received effects?
    A: Effects that lasts for a specified time period such as "for the turn" will continue to take effect. Effects that target "all of your Digimon", or "all of your opponent's Digimon", or "all Digimon" will also continue to take effect for the Digimon as long as the condition is still satisified. If the card that was trashed had an effect that does not fit the above descriptions (i.e. an effect that does not specify how long the effect lasts), those effects are lost due to the card itself being no longer in play.3
  3. Q: If the effect trashes the top card of a Digimon and the card directly underneath is a Tamer card. What happens?
    A: The Digimon becomes a Tamer. However, the Tamer is not to be considered as being played.3
  4. Q: If my Digimon has no digivolution cards, can the top card of the Digimon still be trashed?
    A: No, it cannot be trashed.4

Trashing from Deck

  1. Q: If a card is revealed from the deck first and then trashed while still revealed. Do effects with "when... trashed from deck" trigger?
    A: No, the card is not considered to have been trashed from the deck.5


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