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Not to be confused with the action which is Trashing.

Trash (Japanese: トラッシュ Torasshu) is an area on the playing field where discarded cards are placed. Cards are placed in this area face up. There are some English cards from BT01-03: Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 that refer to this area as the recycle bin. Both players are meant to know the cards in each player's trash and the number of cards in each player's trash.

What goes to the Trash?

The following actions would send cards to the trash:

  • Deleting a Digimon would send it and all of its digivolution cards to the Trash.
  • A Digimon leaving the Battle Area would cause the digivolution cards of said Digimon to be sent to the Trash. Regardless of where the Digimon was sent to.
  • Effects that specify "trash X" would send the specified card(s) to the trash. Examples of these effects include:
  • A Security Card that was revealed in a Security Check after the Battle and Effects are resolved.


  1. Q: If my card's effect is triggered in the trash such as [On Deletion] or "when this card is trashed". If it leaves the trash before activating, can that effect still be activated?
    A: No, if your effect that triggered in the trash leaves the trash before activating it cannot be activated.1


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