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A list of all Timings present on card effects.

Timing Description
[On Play] Triggers when the Digimon are played directly to the battle area.

Does not apply to digivolving Digimon or Digimon moved into play from the breeding area.

[When Digivolving] Triggers when the Digimon is digivolved onto another Digimon.

Digimon digivolved in the breeding area do not activate their [When Digivolving] effects. These effects activate after the player draws a card for the digivolution bonus.

[When Attacking] Triggers when the Digimon declares an attack.

Resolves after the attack target is declared. Takes place before block declaration, the battle with your opponent's Digimon, and security checks. (See more in Attack Resolution)

[End of Attack] Triggers after the resolution of the attack made by any Digimon with effects with this timing, and any effects that attack triggers.

If that Digimon loses the battle or leaves play during the attack, the [End of Attack] doesn't activate. (See more in Attack Resolution)

"end of the battle" During battles between Digimon or between a Digimon and a Security Digimon, "at the end of the battle" timing occurs after comparing DP and determining the battle's outcome. (See more in Attack Resolution)
[Reaction] Effects Effects that are labelled "when your opponent's Digimon attacks". Are triggered after all the opponent's [When Attacking] and "When one of your Digimon attacks" effects—along with all effects triggered by those effects—finish activating. (See more in Attack Resolution)
[On Deletion] Triggers when a Digimon is defeated in battle, or deleted by a card effect.

[On Deletion] can only be triggered by:

  • A card specifically states "delete" in its card text (deleted by a card effect).
  • A Digimon's DP has been decreased to 0 (deleted by a rule, not card effect).
  • A Digimon was defeated in battle with a Digimon or Security Digimon (deleted by battle).
[Your Turn] The period lasting from the start of your turn to its end.
[All Turns] Effects that are always active during both your turn and your opponents' turn.
[Opponent's Turn] The period lasting from the start of your opponent's turn to its end.
[Start of Your Turn] Resolved when your turn begins.
[End of Your Turn] Resolved when your turn ends.
[End of Opponent's Turn] Resolved when your opponent's turn ends.
[Security] When a card is turned over for a security check.

If the security card that is flipped over has this kind of effect, it activates automatically and has no memory cost.

[Main] Effects that can be activated during your main phase.

Applies to Option cards activated from your hand, or using optional effects of Digimon or Tamers during the main phase.

[Main] effects that do not have a trigger condition cannot be used in response to other effects and do not get added.

[Start of Your Main Phase] Resolved when your Main Phase begins.
[Start of Opponent's Main Phase] Resolved when your opponent's Main Phase begins.