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Security (Japanese: セキュリティ Sekyuriti) is an area on the playing field that contains cards which act as a defensive wall that protects the player from attacks. A player loses the game when a successful attack is made against the player while the player has no more security left. The cards in a player's security are hidden to all players, but the number of cards in a player's security should be known to all players.


  1. Q: When placing cards in my security stack, can I choose any cards I like from my deck?
    A: No. Place cards from the top of your deck in your security stack, one at a time. If done properly, the top card of your deck should be the bottom card of your security stack.
  2. Q: When an option card with 2 or more colours is checked from my security, can its [Security] effect activate if I don't meet all the colour requirements?
    A: Yes, [Security] effects activate regardless of colour requirements.
  3. Q: Do I draw cards or put cards in my security first?
    A: You place cards in your security stack first before you draw your 5 cards.1
  4. Q: I have 5 security cards. Can I activate <Recovery +1 (Deck)>.
    A: Yes, you can. Your security stack has no maximum card limit.2
  5. Q: Do [On Deletion] effects activate when Security Digimon are deleted?
    A: No, Security Digimon cannot activate any effects unless they are [Security] effects.3
  6. Q: What happens if my Security Digimon wins a battle, does it go to my hand?
    A: No, Security Digimon are sent to the trash regardless of the battle's outcome after the battle ends.3
  7. Q: My effect specifies "Digimon" does that include my security Digimon?
    A: No, Security Digimon are not treated as Digimon in effects. 4
  8. Q: If a Digimon is checking Security with <Security Attack +1> and the opponent only has 1 Security card. Do I win the game?
    A: No, you do not. The attack ends when you have no more security cards to check.5
  9. Q: If a Digimon has <Security Attack -1> or less, Can I win if it attacks a player with no security?
    A: No, you would not win the game by attacking with that Digimon.6


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