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"Promotion Pack Ver 0.0" is the 1st Promo Pack released in both the English and Japanese format. A 2nd version of the pack was reprinted as a special edition after the initial wave of packs in the EN game


  • Includes 6 promo cards
  • Each pack contains all 6 cards
  • All cards in the pack have a rainbow foil

Pack Images



  • Packs are obtained as prizes for local tournaments and online tournaments during the November Pre-Sale Period
  • The December 2020 First Official Online Event gave 1 of the Pack to participants and a further 3x to top 16 players
  • The Special edition was given out in sweepstakes held through out February and March
  • The March Premier TO Event gave the Special Edition to participants and 3x of the Pack to top 16
  • Table Top Gaming offered a set of the promos with Issue 52 of of their magazine and later any issue while supplies lasted. The promos came in a clear plastic packaging


Card Level Colour Type Rarity
Agumon (P-001) 3 Red Digimon Promo
Biyomon (P-002) 3 Red Digimon Promo
Gabumon (P-003) 3 Blue Digimon Promo
Gomamon (P-004) 3 Blue Digimon Promo
Patamon (P-005) 3 Yellow Digimon Promo
Gatomon (P-006) 4 Yellow Digimon Promo