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Explanations on the Different Playing Areas in the Digimon Card Game. To see the different official Playmats released by Bandai in a Gallery, you can go to Playing Field/Gallery.


Field Description
Battle Area The area where Digimon and Tamers are placed.

Digimon placed here can attack the opponent. Only Digimon level 3 or higher can be in the battle area.

Certain combinations of effects may cause a level 2 or lower Digimon to enter the battle area. If that happens, the level 2 or lower Digimon is placed in the trash (recycle bin) immediately.

Breeding Area The area where Digimon hatched from the Digi-Egg deck are placed. Digimon in this area can’t activate effects, aren’t affected by effects from other cards, and can’t be referenced by other effects. Only 1 Digimon can be in the breeding area at a time, and Digimon in this area that digivolve to level 3 or higher can be moved to the battle area. Digimon in the battle area can’t be returned to the breeding area.
Deck Zone The area where the player’s 50-card main deck is placed.
Digi-Egg Deck Zone The area where the player’s Digi-Egg deck containing up to 5 cards is placed.
Trash The area where discarded cards are placed. Cards placed here are placed face up.

Some cards from BT01-03: Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 refer to it as the Recycle Bin.

Memory The gauge used for paying costs, etc.

For each point of a memory cost to be paid, the counter is moved one spot to the right. If the gauge lands on 1 or higher on the opponent’s side, any midresolution effects or actions resolve, the turn ends, and it becomes your opponent’s turn.

If the resolution of an effect or action causes the counter to move to 0 or above on your side of the gauge, your turn continues.

Security Stack A defensive wall that protects the player.

A player loses the game if they are attacked with zero cards remaining in their security stack.

NOTE: Many unofficial mats have an area called the "Tamer/Option" Area. This does not exist in the game rules. All Tamers are played in the Battle Area and Options that place themselves in the Battle Area are placed in the same Battle Area. It is common for players to place Tamers and Options behind the Digimon in order to avoid confusion with Digimon which are allowed to attack.

Battle Area

Breeding Area

Deck Zone

Digi-Egg Deck Zone


Trash is the area in which discarded cards go to. Cards placed in the trash should be face up.


Memory is the resource system used in the Digimon Card Game. It is used to pay costs and play cards. It is also used to determine when a turn change over to another player's turn.

Security Stack

Security is a player's defensive wall that is set up at the start of the game before drawing their hand. There is no limit to the number of cards that can be placed in the Security. A player does not lose if they have no cards in Security, a player would only lose when an attack declared against the player has successfully resolved.