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The Deck (デッキDekki) is a deck which contains exactly 50 Digimon, Tamer, and/or Option cards. The cards in the deck start in the Deck Zone (デッキDekki), which is simply referred to as "Deck" by card effects. The term "Deck" refers to both the main deck and the zone in which the cards in the Deck start out at the beginning of the game. The order of cards in the Deck is unknown to both players, except by card effects.

What is a Legal Main Deck?

In order for your Main Deck to be legal it must:

  • Contain exactly 50 cards.
  • Contain no Digi-Egg cards.
  • Contain no more than four copies of cards with the same card number.


Deck Creation

  1. Q: Can I include 4 copies of [ST1-03 Agumon] and [BT1-010 Agumon] in my deck?
    A: Yes. Cards are identified by their card number. As long as their card numbers are different, you can include 4 copies of two cards with the same name in your deck.
  2. Q: Can I include Digi-Egg cards in my main deck?
    A: No, you can't.
  3. Q: My deck has 45 cards, and my Digi-Egg deck has 5, adding up to a total of 50. Is my deck legal?
    A: No. Your deck must contain 50 cards on its own, with or without cards from your Digi-Egg deck.

Deck Zone

  1. Q: If an effect requires me to return multiple cards to my deck, do I need to tell my opponent the order I return the cards in?
    A: Yes. The order you return cards in is public information.
  2. Q: If an effect requires me to reveal 3 cards from my deck, but I only have 2 or less cards in my deck. Can I still use that effect?
    A: Yes, you can. In this case reveal the rest of your deck instead.1


  1. Card Rulings:BT1-078