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A list of all Keywords present on card effects.

Keyword Effect Description
<Blocker> When an opponent's Digimon attacks, you may suspend this Digimon to force the opponent to attack it instead.

This effect can be used against an attack from an opposing Digimon. The target of the attack changes to the Digimon that used <Blocker>, taking the place of the original target.

<Security Attack +X> This Digimon checks x additional security card(s).

Effect that increases the number of security cards checked by x when attacking the opposing player. When checking multiple security cards due to this effect, do not flip all security cards over at once. Instead, flip them over one at a time and don't move on to the next one until everything has resolved. If the attacking Digimon is defeated in battle or returned to the player's hand, the attack ends.

<Security Attack -X> This Digimon checks x fewer security card(s).

Effect that decreases the number of security cards checked by x when attacking the opposing player. If this effect causes the number of cards checked to become 0(it can't be less than 0), the opponent's security cards aren't checked. If your opponent has 0 security cards and you attack with a Digimon that checks 0 cards, you can't win the game.

<Recovery +X (Deck)> Place the top x card(s) of your deck on top of your security stack.

Effect that has you to place x cards from your deck on top of your security stack without looking at them. With this effect, you can replenish your security stack. There is no limit to how many cards can be in your security stack.

<Piercing> When this Digimon attacks and deletes an opponent's Digimon and survives the battle, it This effect allows a Digimon to check an opponent' s security cards after a battle if your Digimon defeats the opposing Digimon and survives.

This effect also works if an attack is blocked, however it does not activate for battles with Security Digimon. Security checks resulting from <Piercing> are performed after all effects resulting from the battle have been resolved.

<Draw X> Draw x card(s) from your deck.

This effect allows you to add a number of cards to your hand from your deck. There is no limit to how many cards you can have in your hand.

<Jamming> This Digimon can't be deleted in battles against Security Digimon.

Digimon with this effect will not be deleted if they lose a battle with the opponent's Security Digimon. If the Digimon has a <Security Attack +X> effect that allows for an additional security card to be checked, that check can still be performed.

<Digisorption -X> When one of your Digimon digivolves into this card from your hand, you may suspend of your 1 Digimon to reduce the memory cost of the digivolution by x.

When digivolving into a card in your hand with this effect, you may suspend 1 of your Digimon to reduce the digivolve cost by the number specified in the effect. However, the digivolve cost can't be reduced to less than 0.

<Reboot> Unsuspend this Digimon during your opponent's unsuspend phase.

Digimon with this effect are unsuspended during not only your unsuspend phase, but your opponent's unsuspend phase as well.

<De-Digivolve X> Trash up to x cards from the top of one of your opponent's Digimon. If it has no digivolution cards, or becomes a level 3 Digimon, you can't trash any more cards.

Trash the number of cards specified from your opponent' s Digimon that was targeted by the effect, starting from the top. This reduces the level of the target Digimon. However, Digimon can't be deleted or removed from play with this effect. Once a Digimon has lost all of its digivolution cards or has been reduced to level 3, you can't trash any more cards with this effect.

<Retaliation> When this Digimon is deleted after losing a battle, delete the Digimon it was battling.

When a Digimon with this effect loses a battle with one of your opponent’s Digimon, it deletes that Digimon, regardless of DP.

<Digi-Burst X> Trash X of this Digimon's digivolution cards to activate the effect below.

At the indicated timing, you may trash the specified number of digivolution cards under the Digimon with this effect to activate its accompanying <Digi-Burst X> effect.

<Rush> This Digimon can attack the turn it comes into play.

Digimon with this effect can ignore the rule that states "Digimon can't attack the turn they enter play" allowing it to declare an attack even if it was played on the current turn.

<Blitz> This Digimon can attack when your opponent has 1 or more memory.

When digivolving into a Digimon with this effect, if your opponent ends up having 1 or more memory as a result of paying the digivolution cost, you can declare an attack with this Digimon before the turn changes over. However, if the Digimon is suspended, has an effect that prevents it from attacking, or is otherwise unable to attack normally, <Blitz> won't enable it to attack. This effect is often preceded by the timing "[When Digivolving]".

<Delay> Trash this card in your battle area to activate the effect below. You can't activate this effect the turn this card enters play.

After placing an Option card with this effect in your battle area, you can trash it at the timing specified to activate the card's <Delay> effect. It's not necessary to pay an Option card's memory cost or meet color requirements when activating its <Delay> effect. This effect is often preceded by the timing "[Main]".

<Decoy (X)> When one of your other (X) Digimon would be deleted by an opponent's effect, you may delete this Digimon to prevent that deletion.

When one of your Digimon matching (X) characteristic would be deleted by an opponent’s effect, you can instead delete this Digimon to prevent that Digimon from being deleted. When multiple applicable Digimon would be deleted simultaneously, activating this effect allows you to prevent only one of those Digimon from being deleted. You can’t activate this effect to prevent the deletion of the Digimon with this effect.

<Armor Purge> When this Digimon would be deleted, you may trash the top card of this Digimon to prevent that deletion.

When your Digimon with this effect would be deleted, by trashing the Digimon stacked on top of the digivolution cards, it will no longer be deleted due to this effect. The Digimon that activated this effect becomes the Digimon that was at the top of its digivolution cards. This effect cannot be activated by Digimon without digivolution cards. Additionally, any effect gained before activating <Armor Purge> that does not specify how long the effect lasts will be lost due to the card itself no longer being in play.

<Save> You may place this card under one of your tamers

This effect is preceded by the timing "[On Deletion]".

<Material Save X> When this Digimon would be deleted, you may place X digivolution cards from its DigiXros requirements, under one of your Tamers
<Evade> When this Digimon would be deleted, you may suspend it to prevent that deletion.