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Searching for a Cards

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  1. Open the Search Bar, and search for the name of the card.
  2. If there are too many cards with the same name, you can narrow the search down by set number.

Cards should have a re-direct that let you search via "Name (Set Number)" to narrow down which card you're looking for if you're unsure.

Searching for Rulings

Determine whether the ruling you're looking for would be on the card itself or on a keyword page. If it would be on a card rulings page it is because the effect does something unique that all other cards with similar effects would not do.

Specific Card Rulings

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If you are on Mobile, you will have to open the page and scroll down to the "Rulings" link.

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If you are on Desktop, you will be able to use the arrow keys to scroll down to the card number. This will change the text in the search bar. You can then use the arrow key to scroll back up and type in "Card Rulings:" at the front of the text.


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Search for the Keyword Page. It will show up on the page if you scroll down.

Does this card work with X card?

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  1. Go to the card page of the card in question.
  2. Click on the blue link for the effect in question you are asking about. (e.g. Nokia has two effects that specifies names, the latter has "in its name" so it works with more cards)
  3. Scroll Down the list, and check if the card you want it to work with is in the list. Effects that have "in its name" will tell you the names they work with.