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Tanemon, a Green Digi-Egg card

Green (緑 midori) is one of the seven Colours in the Digimon Card Game. It was first introduced in BT-01: Booster New Evolution as the fourth main Colour in the game.


Green contains an abundance of Digimon with insectoid or botanical motifs, as well as simply any Digimon that is green in colour. Common Types found in Green Digimon include Insectoid and Vegetation.


Green is a ramp-style Colour with quick ways to digivolve Digimon as well as several tools of control to hinder the opponent. Green cards are often capable of digivolving efficiently, containing many tools to draw Digimon cards of higher levels and ways to digivolve at a lower cost. In addition, many Green cards possess effects to suspend opposing Digimon, stopping attacks and allowing them to be attacked. Common keywords in Green include <Digisorption>, <Piercing>, and <Digi-Burst>.

Efficient Digivolving

Green has a ramp-based strategy that allows the player to digivolve their Digimon easily, possessing effects that allow the player to easily draw into their supply of higher level Digimon and ways to lower digivolution cost. As seen in cards such as [BT1-074 Togemon] and [BT2-044 Tyrannomon], Green has a plethora of ways to add higher level Digimon to the player's hand, adding consistency to the digivolution process.

In addition, Green also has many effects that allow the player to negate digivolution cost, an example being [BT1-078 Jagamon] that allows the Digimon to potentially digivolve into a higher level at no cost. More prominently, Green also features the keyword <Digisorption>. Featured on cards such as the [Argomon Argomon digivolution line] and [BT3-056 Ceresmon], <Digisorption> allows the player to digivolve into these Digimon at little to no cost, provided they have the board to do so. Finally, perhaps the most famous example of such an effect is [BT3-103 Hidden Potential Discovered!], a powerful Option card that allows the player to nearly completely mitigate the cost of one single digivolution. The usage of these effects allows the player to digivolve very quickly, allowing them to build a large board very quickly while gaining massive advantage from the digivolution draw.

Suspension Control

Green also contains a large amount of effects that suspend the opposing Digimon, being a worthy tool of both offense and defense. Defensive suspension effects can be found on cards such as [BT1-082 Rosemon] and [BT1-110 Flower Cannon], allowing the player to suspend the opposing board before they are able to make an attack. Offensively, suspension effects can be used to suspend opposing Digimon, making an otherwise invulnerable Digimon vulnerable to attack. This is often complemented by cards with the <Piercing> effect, examples being [ST4-13 HerculesKabuterimon] and [BT1-083 GranKuwagamon], allowing the player to attack the now-suspended Digimon while damaging the opponent's Security.

Suspension also acts as an effective form of control. Green contains various cards, such as [BT3-057 MegaGargomon] and [BT2-049 Puppetmon] that prevent a suspended Digimon from unsuspending on the following turn, putting a lockdown on that Digimon's actions. Furthermore, Green also has various pieces of removal that return suspended Digimon to the opponent's deck, such as [BT2-102 Terrors Cluster] returning a suspended Digimon to the bottom of the opposing deck. Although limited to suspended Digimon, these effects are powerful ways of removing threats from the field while bypassing [On Deletion] effects. One strong example of such an effect is [BT4-062 Nidhoggmon], which suspends all opposing Digimon with a DP lower than or equal to 5000 before proceeding to return suspended Digimon to the deck, acting as a very effective way to remove an unprepared board.

Digi-Burst Synergy

Green has a greater synergy with the <Digi-Burst> mechanic than any other colour. Aside from containing many powerful wielders of the <Digi-Burst> effect such as the aforementioned [ST4-13 HerculesKabuterimon] and [BT4-062 Nidhoggmon], many Green cards also have extended pieces of support for the mechanic that few other colours have, examples being [BT4-107 Pollen Spray] and [BT4-095 Yoshino Fujieda]. In addition, cards like [BT5-056 Rafflesimon] and [BT5-102 Wisselin] create a control-based playstyle for dedicated Green <Digi-Burst> decks, preventing opposing Digimon from attacking and blocking in conjunction with other <Digi-Burst> effects.

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