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Digimon Card Game (デジモンカードゲーム Dejimon Kādo Gēmu), sometimes shortened to DigiCa (デジカ Dejika), is a card game released by Bandai in Japan on the April 24th, 2020. The card game had an official release for English in January 29th, 2021 for Latin America, Europe and Oceania. The game was released in North America on the 12th of February.

Companion App

The Digimon Card Game Tutorial App (デジモンカードゲーム ティーチングアプリ Dejimon Kādo Gēmu Tīchingu Apuri?, lit. "Digimon Card Game Teaching App") is an app designed to teach the rules of the card game. It allows the player to select one of the starter decks and play through a series of tutorials.

It is available in English and Japanese on the iOS and Google Play Store.

Official Site: https://world.digimoncard.com/about/001.php
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bandai.digimoncardgameworld
Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/digimon-card-game-tutorial-app/id1537360543



Expansion Sets and Starter Decks

English Release


In November 2020 there was a Pre-Sale featuring and hosted by Local Game Stores affiliated with Bandai. Cards could be originally and obtained from these events even though the official English Release was not until January 29, 2021.


North America

The hobby release date of Special Release Booster Ver 1.0 in North America was changed to the 12th February, 2021 due to freight logistics issues.

Starter Decks ST1-3 have been delayed in production and will be available in hobby channels from mid-February.


Digimon Card Game stock did not arrive until the 25th January. This caused a delay in some European territories.


The worldwide release date of the Special Release Booster Ver 1.5 was moved to 12th March, 2021 due to logistics issues.

Getting Started Playing the Game

A good way to get started playing the game would be to:

  1. Download the Tutorial App and play through it to get started.
  2. Read through the manual on either General Rules, this can also be found on the official website.
  3. Read through the General Rules/FAQ and General Rules/Glossary. These can also be found on the official website.
  4. Practice Playing with other people gaining a practical understanding of the above rules.
  5. Go through QnA/Rulings for the Keywords.
  6. Go through the Rulings/QnAs for cards you'll be playing. These can be found in Category:Rulings and are denoted by "Card Rulings:{{{setnumber}}}".