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Digi-Egg Deck (デジタマデッキDejitamadekki) is a deck which contains anywhere from 0-5 Digi-Egg cards, and the cards in this deck start out in the Digi-Egg Deck Zone (デジタマデッキDejitamadekki) which is referred to as simply "Digi-Egg Deck" by card effects. The term "Digi-Egg Deck" is used to refer to both the deck in which Digi-Egg cards are placed, and the area on the playing field in which the cards in that Deck start out at the beginning of the game. The order of cards in the Digi-Egg Deck Zone is unknown to both players, except by card effects.

What is a Legal Digi-Egg Deck?

In order for a Digi-Egg Deck to be legal it must:

  • Have a Minimum of 0 cards in the Digi-Egg Deck.
  • Have a Maximum of 5 cards in the Digi-Egg Deck.
  • Only contain Digi-Egg cards in the Deck.
  • Must only contain 4 maximum of a Digi-Egg card with the same Set number.


Deck Creation

  1. Q: Can I include 4 copies of [ST1-01 Koromon] and [BT5-001 Koromon] in my deck?
    A: Yes. Cards are identified by their card number. As long as their card numbers are different, you can include 4 copies of two cards with the same name in your deck.
  2. Q: Can I include non-Digi-Egg cards in my Digi-Egg deck?
    A: No, you can't.
  3. Q: Can I include five copies of the same card number in my Digi-Egg deck?
    A: No. Like your regular deck, you can only include up to 4 copies of a card with the same card number in your Digi-Egg deck.
  4. Q: My deck has 45 cards, and my Digi-Egg deck has 5, adding up to a total of 50. Is my deck legal?
    A: No. Your deck must contain 50 cards on its own, with or without cards from your Digi-Egg deck.
  5. Q: Can I have 0 cards in my Digi-Egg Deck?
    A: Yes, it is possible to have no cards in your Digi-Egg Deck.1
  6. Q: Can I have just 4 of the same card in my Digi-Egg Deck and no other cards?
    A: Yes, it is possible to have less than 5 cards in your Digi-Egg Deck.1

Digi-Egg Deck Zone

  1. Q: Do I lose the game when my Digi-Egg deck runs out of cards?
    A: No. You won't be able to hatch new Digi-Egg cards, but you won't lose the game.
  2. Q: Do Digi-Egg cards without a level go into Main Deck or Digi-Egg deck?
    A: Since it is a Digi-Egg card, you must put it in the Digi-Egg deck.2
  3. Q: If a Digi-Egg card would be put into my hand / deck / security, what happens?
    A: If a Digi-Egg card moves to your hand, deck, or security, it's a Digi-Egg card, so instead of moving to those locations, it's placed face down at the bottom of your Digi-Egg deck.2 It is important to note, that effects that affect "Digimon cards" do not work on affect Digi-Egg cards.3


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