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De-Digivolve (退化Taika, Translated: Degeneration) is an action keyword introduced in BT-02: Booster Ultimate Power and BT01-03: Release Special Booster Ver.1.0. It is indicated by "De-Digivolve" followed by a number on an orange background.

How it Works

A unit with <De-Digivolve X> removes the top cards of a Digimon's stack up to X cards (at least 1 card) until the Digimon either:

  • No longer has digivolution cards.
  • Is a Level 3 Digimon.

What happens if the Digimon I De-Digivolve doesn't have a Level 3 but has a Level 2?

You continue trashing cards off the Digimon's stack until there are no more cards to trash. If the Digimon becomes a Level 2, the Level 2 is then trashed by game rules. (See more in Effect Resolution for when they would be trashed) This does not count as deleting a Digimon.

What happens if the Digimon I De-Digivolve has a Tamer underneath?

You continue trashing cards even if the top card is a Tamer. If it stops on the Tamer, the stack then becomes a Tamer again. The Tamer will still have all the digivolution cards underneath it but it will not have any of the inherited effects.


  1. Q: A level 4 Digimon that digivolved from a level 2 Digi-Egg loses its level 3 digivolution card due to an effect, resulting in a level 4 Digimon card on top of a level 2 Digi-Egg card. If you use <De-Digivolve> on it, does the level 2 card remain in the Battle Area? What happens to the Digimon?
    A: Level 2 Digimon can't remain in battle areas, so it's immediately sent to the trash. (The Digimon is not considered to have been deleted.)
  2. Q: I have a Digimon with an active effect. If <De-Digivolve> causes the Digimon to lose the card with the effect, what happens? Does the effect end?
    A: If the effect lasts for a specified period of time ("this turn," etc.), the effect will persist until the end of the time specified, even if the card with the effect is trashed. Effects that are always active, like [Opponent's Turn] and [All Turns] effects, end immediately once their card is trashed.
  3. Q: If I use <De-Digivolve> on a Digimon with a Tamer card in its digivolution cards, can I trash the Tamer card with <De-Digivolve>?
    A: Yes, Tamer cards that are part of another card's digivolution cards can be chosen by <De-Digivolve>. If there are no other digivolution cards beneath the Tamer card, however, you can't trash any more cards with <De-Digivolve>.
  4. Q: If I use <De-Digivolve> on a Digimon with a Tamer card in its digivolution cards such that the Tamer card becomes the top-most card in the stack, what happens?
    A: The card becomes a Tamer. Note that this doesn't count as the Tamer being played.
  5. Q: If I activate a card effect to <De-Digivolve 1> a level 6 Digimon with two level 5 Digimon cards in its digivolution cards, what happens?
    A: The card stacked on top becomes a Digimon. Even if a card with the same level is in its digivolution cards, it's still treated as a digivolution card.

Other Rulings

  1. Q: A Digimon I use <De-Digivolve> on becomes a Tamer card and then digivolves it into another Digimon. Is it still affected by the effects it had as a Digimon?
    A: Yes, effects such as [BT1-105 Blast Fire] still continue affect the Digimon after it was de-digivolved into a Tamer and digivolved back into a Digimon.
  2. Q: I use <De-Digivolve> while I have this Digimon as a digivolution card. Can I use the inherited effect of [P-004 Gomamon]?
    A: No, you cannot activate the effect of [P-004 Gomamon].
  3. Q: What happens when my Digimon with <Security Attack +1> Digimon gets de-digivolved?
    A: You would calculate the new total of the Digimon and compare it to what Security Checks that have already taken place. If it still has the <Security Attack +1> because it was given by an effect, you can perform the security check. If it no longer has it, you can no longer perform the security check.
  4. Q: If an effect is triggered before <De-Digivolve>. Can it still be activated?
    A: If the Digimon still has the effect it can be activated. However, if the effect was lost it cannot be activated. (See more in Effect Resolution)
  5. Q: I put a Digimon card under a Digimon that digivolved from a Tamer. That Digimon is then hit by the effect of <De-Digivolve> and becomes a Tamer card. What happens to the digivolution cards below the Tamer?
    A: They remain in the digivolution cards. However as it is not a Digimon anymore, the inherited effects do not activate. If that Tamer digivolves into a Digimon again, the inherited effects will activate as per normal.
  6. Q: What happens if I target a Level 3 Digimon for <De-Digivolve>?
    A: The targeted Digimon will not be affected by the <De-Digivolve> effect.