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Kokuwamon (BT8-059)
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  1. Q: What kind of effect is this card's effect?
    A: This effect stops both players from digivolving with effects that says "ignore digivolution requirements", or from Digimon that do not meet the digivolution requirements.
  2. Q: Does this card's effect stop effects of [Hybrid] form card's digivolutions of "Your red tamer can digivolve into this card in your hand as if it was a red level 3 Digimon" etc?
    A: No, as it doesn't say "Ignore digivolution requirements", and it is digivolving according to the digivolution requirements while treating the tamer as a Digimon, it can digivolve.
  3. Q: Does this card's effect stops DNA digivolutions or special digivolutions?
    A: No, DNA digivolution and special digivolutions written on the cards are treated as the digivolution requirements, so they are not stopped by this card.
  4. Q: When this Digimon is in play, can the effect "can digivolve without paying its cost" activate?
    A: Yes, as activates, as it is an effect that allows digivolving without paying its cost without ignoring digivolution requirements.
  5. Q: Can my opponent activate the effect of [BT6-087 Tai Kamiya] to ignore level while this card is in play?
    A: No, your opponent cannot digivolve ignoring level while this card's [All Turns] effect is active.
  6. Q: Can my opponent digivolve with the effect of [BT7-051 RhinoKabuterimon] which changes the memory cost of the digivolution?
    A: Yes, your opponent can digivolve with the effect [BT7-051 RhinoKabuterimon] because it does not ignore digivolution requirements.
  7. Q: Can my opponent digivolve into [BT7-040 Rasenmon] for an alternate digivolution cost?
    A: Yes, it does not ignore digivolution requirements.
  8. Q: If I use [BT9-098 Awakening of the Golden Knight] and my opponent has this card. Can I digivolve my [Magnamon] into [BT9-044 Magnamon (X Antibody)] because it fulfills the digivolution requirements?
    A: No, the effect requires you to digivolve "ignoring the digivolution requirements" so you cannot digivolve using the effect of [BT9-098 Awakening of the Golden Knight].