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MaloMyotismon (BT3-092)
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  1. Q: I have this Digimon in play when one of my other Digimon attacks, deletes an opponent's Digimon, and is deleted in return. Do I gain two memory?
    A: Yes, both you and your opponent's Digimon were deleted, so you gain two memory.
  2. Q: Do I gain 1 memory from this Digimon's effect when a Security Digimon is deleted?
    A: No, Security Digimon aren't considered to be Digimon, so you don't gain any memory.
  3. Q: I have 2 of this Digimon in play when one of my other Digimon is deleted. Do I gain two memory?
    A: Yes, the +1 memory effect activates twice, earning you two memory.
  4. Q: My opponent and I both have this Digimon in play. If another Digimon is deleted, what happens?
    A: The effects activate simultaneously, so the turn player gains a memory first, followed by the non-turn player gaining a memory, returning the memory gauge to its original position.
  5. Q: If this Digimon attacks an opponent's Digimon and both Digimon end up being deleted, can I gain a memory off this card's effect?
    A: No, Digimon need to be in the Battle Area to activate their effects.
  6. Q: My opponent attacks with a level 7 Digimon with [BT3-064 TiaLudomon] and [BT2-013 Growlmon] against my level 7 Digimon that has [BT3-092 MaloMyotismon] underneath it. What happens?
    A: If your opponent deletes a Digimon with [BT2-013 Growlmon] first and then <De-Digivolve 1> on the level 7 Digimon. MaloMyotismon's effect does not trigger because it did not see the effect. If your opponent uses [BT3-064 TiaLudomon] first then MaloMyotismon's effect triggers and activates. (See more in Effect Resolution)