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Lilithmon (BT3-091)
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  1. Q: Do I gain +2 memory from this card's [Your Turn] effect before or after resolving the Option card's effect?
    A: You gain the memory after resolving the Option card's effect.
  2. Q: I activate [BT2-109 Heat Viper] to destroy Lilithmon and my opponent's Digimon. Does Lilithmon's effect activate?
    A: No, even though Lilithmon's effect was triggered its effect cannot be activated unless Lilithmon is in the battle area. (See more in Effect Resolution)
  3. Q: If I have a Digimon in play, and use [EX2-070 Digivolution Plug-In S] to digivolve a Digimon into this card. Does this card's [Your Turn] effect trigger?
    A: No, the effect was not active when the Option card was used.