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Eronan Eronan 10 November 2021

Effect Resolution Basics: Trigger vs Activation

The attempt to create the Effect Resolution was to create a comprehensive but still simplified page of Effect Resolution. However, due to the number of moving pieces within Effect Resolution. It's gotten far too complex to be able to get through in one sitting. The idea behind this Blog Post and future Blog Posts is to breakdown the moving pieces of Effect Resolution to make it simpler to digest and go through them one at a time.

Content Creators are free to utilise these blog posts to create a script for a video, I am also happy to review the script to make sure there are no inconsistencies with any email rulings we've seen before or the current system we've developed on the Effect Resolution page. Note there are still sections that are st…

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Eronan Eronan 17 December 2020

Digimon Wikia First Stretch Project

For any contributors hoping to help out, I've made a list of things you can look into helping with:

  • Card and Gallery Pages
    • Card Pages such as ST1-01, ST3-05, and BT1-084.
    • Gallery Pages such as Card Gallery:ST1-09, Card Gallery:ST3-09, Card Gallery:BT1-084.
    • These are rather simple as all you need to do is copy the template from either those pages or Template:CardTable/doc and fill in the parameters leaving anything it doesn't have blank.
    • However, the issue is there's just a lot of them so it makes it difficult for the rest of us to focus on everything else when it's time consuming doing all of it.
    • The benefit of doing this also allows you to start familiarize yourself with all the Templates.
  • Help find images for General Rules page to allow for easie…
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