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RizeGreymon (BT2-038)

Name RizeGreymon
Japanese ライズグレイモン
Colour Yellow
Card Type Digimon
Play Cost 8
DP 7000 DP
Level 5
Form Ultimate
Attribute Vaccine
Type Cyborg
Illustrator sasasi
Illustrator 2 Nakano Haito
Illustrator 3 Nakano Haito
Digivolution Requirements
Colour Yellow
Level 4
Digivolve Cost 3
Card Effect(s)
[When Digivolving] You may play 1 yellow Tamer card from your hand without paying its memory cost. Any [On Play] effects on the Tamer played with this effect don't activate.
Inherited Effect
[Your Turn] While you have 3 or more yellow Tamers in play, this Digimon gains <Security Attack +1> (This Digimon checks 1 additional security card).
Card Restriction
English Unrestricted
Japanese Unrestricted
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English Sets

Set Number Booster Set Rarity
BT2-038 BT01-03: Release Special Booster Ver.1.5 Rare
BT2-038 PP01: Premium Pack Set 01 Alternative Art
BT2-038 Official Tournament Pack Vol. 2 Alternative Art

Japanese Sets

Set Number Booster Set Rarity
BT2-038 BT-02: Booster Ultimate Power Rare
BT2-038 Tamer Battle Pack 3 Alternative Art
BT2-038 Tamer Battle Pack 3 Winner Alternative Art