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"BT01-03: Release Special Booster Ver.1.0" is the 1st Booster Set released in English format



Booster Packs

  • Each Booster Pack contains 13 cards:
    • 7 Commons
    • 3 Uncommons
    • 1 Rare
    • Any of either 1 Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Secret Rare or 1 Alternative Art
    • 1 Index Card

Booster Boxes

  • Each Box contains 24 Booster Packs
  • Each box will have a total of:
    • 168 Commons
    • 72 Uncommons
    • 39 Rares
    • 7 Super Rares
    • Any combination of 2 Secret Rares or Alternative Arts


Pack Images


Card List

Card Level Colour Type Rarity
Yokomon (BT1-001) 2 Red Digi-Egg Rare
Bebydomon (BT1-002) 2 Red Digi-Egg Uncommon
Upamon (BT1-003) 2 Blue Digi-Egg Rare
Wanyamon (BT1-004) 2 Blue Digi-Egg Uncommon
Kyaromon (BT1-005) 2 Yellow Digi-Egg Uncommon
Cupimon (BT1-006) 2 Yellow Digi-Egg Rare
Tanemon (BT1-007) 2 Green Digi-Egg Rare
Frimon (BT1-008) 2 Green Digi-Egg Uncommon
Monodramon (BT1-009) 3 Red Digimon Common
Agumon (BT1-010) 3 Red Digimon Rare
Agumon Expert (BT1-011) 3 Red Digimon Common
Biyomon (BT1-012) 3 Red Digimon Uncommon
Muchomon (BT1-013) 3 Red Digimon Common
Kokatorimon (BT1-014) 4 Red Digimon Common
Greymon (BT1-015) 4 Red Digimon Uncommon
Tyrannomon (BT1-016) 4 Red Digimon Rare
Birdramon (BT1-017) 4 Red Digimon Uncommon
Flarerizamon (BT1-018) 4 Red Digimon Common
DarkTyrannomon (BT1-019) 4 Red Digimon Common
Groundramon (BT1-020) 5 Red Digimon Uncommon
MetalGreymon (BT1-021) 5 Red Digimon Uncommon
Garudamon (BT1-022) 5 Red Digimon Super Rare
SkullGreymon (BT1-023) 5 Red Digimon Rare
MetalTyrannomon (BT1-024) 5 Red Digimon Common
WarGreymon (BT1-025) 6 Red Digimon Super Rare
WarGreymon (BT1-025) 6 Red Digimon Alternative Art
Breakdramon (BT1-026) 6 Red Digimon Uncommon
Armadillomon (BT1-027) 3 Blue Digimon Common
Elecmon (BT1-028) 3 Blue Digimon Common
Gabumon (BT1-029) 3 Blue Digimon Rare
Gomamon (BT1-030) 3 Blue Digimon Common
Monmon (BT1-031) 3 Blue Digimon Uncommon
Frigimon (BT1-032) 4 Blue Digimon Common
Dolphmon (BT1-033) 4 Blue Digimon Common
Ikkakumon (BT1-034) 4 Blue Digimon Rare
Leomon (BT1-035) 4 Blue Digimon Uncommon
Garurumon (BT1-036) 4 Blue Digimon Uncommon
Gorillamon (BT1-037) 4 Blue Digimon Common
Monzaemon (BT1-038) 5 Blue Digimon Common
Cerberusmon (BT1-039) 5 Blue Digimon Rare
WereGarurumon (BT1-040) 5 Blue Digimon Uncommon
Zudomon (BT1-041) 5 Blue Digimon Super Rare
LoaderLeomon (BT1-042) 5 Blue Digimon Uncommon
SaberLeomon (BT1-043) 6 Blue Digimon Uncommon
MetalGarurumon (BT1-044) 6 Blue Digimon Super Rare
MetalGarurumon (BT1-044) 6 Blue Digimon Alternative Art
Tsukaimon (BT1-045) 3 Yellow Digimon Common
Kudamon (BT1-046) 3 Yellow Digimon Common
Tinkermon (BT1-047) 3 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Patamon (BT1-048) 3 Yellow Digimon Rare
Labramon (BT1-049) 3 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Liollmon (BT1-050) 3 Yellow Digimon Common
Reppamon (BT1-051) 4 Yellow Digimon Common
Seasarmon (BT1-052) 4 Yellow Digimon Common
Darcmon (BT1-053) 4 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Liamon (BT1-054) 4 Yellow Digimon Common
Angemon (BT1-055) 4 Yellow Digimon Rare
Petermon (BT1-056) 4 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Sirenmon (BT1-057) 5 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Chirinmon (BT1-058) 5 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Piximon (BT1-059) 5 Yellow Digimon Common
MagnaAngemon (BT1-060) 5 Yellow Digimon Super Rare
MagnaAngemon (BT1-060) 5 Yellow Digimon Alternative Art
Mistymon (BT1-061) 5 Yellow Digimon Rare
SlashAngemon (BT1-062) 6 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Seraphimon (BT1-063) 6 Yellow Digimon Super Rare
Goblimon (BT1-064) 3 Green Digimon Common
Mushroomon (BT1-065) 3 Green Digimon Common
Tentomon (BT1-066) 3 Green Digimon Uncommon
Palmon (BT1-067) 3 Green Digimon Uncommon
Kokuwamon (BT1-068) 3 Green Digimon Common
Ogremon (BT1-069) 4 Green Digimon Common
Kuwagamon (BT1-070) 4 Green Digimon Uncommon
Vegiemon (BT1-071) 4 Green Digimon Common
Woodmon (BT1-072) 4 Green Digimon Uncommon
Kabuterimon (BT1-073) 4 Green Digimon Common
Togemon (BT1-074) 4 Green Digimon Rare
Digitamamon (BT1-075) 5 Green Digimon Common
MegaKabuterimon (BT1-076) 5 Green Digimon Uncommon
Okuwamon (BT1-077) 5 Green Digimon Common
Jagamon (BT1-078) 5 Green Digimon Uncommon
Lillymon (BT1-079) 5 Green Digimon Rare
Titamon (BT1-080) 6 Green Digimon Uncommon
HerculesKabuterimon (BT1-081) 6 Green Digimon Super Rare
Rosemon (BT1-082) 6 Green Digimon Super Rare
Rosemon (BT1-082) 6 Green Digimon Alternative Art
Omnimon (BT1-084) 7 White Digimon Super Rare
Omnimon (BT1-084) 7 White Digimon Alternative Art
Tai Kamiya (BT1-085) - Red Tamer Rare
Matt Ishida (BT1-086) - Blue Tamer Rare
T.K. Takaishi (BT1-087) - Yellow Tamer Rare
Izzy Izumi (BT1-088) - Green Tamer Rare
Mimi Tachikawa (BT1-089) - Green Tamer Rare
Gravity Crush (BT1-090) - Red Option Common
Nuclear Laser (BT1-092) - Red Option Common
Great Tornado (BT1-093) - Red Option Common
Oblivion Bird (BT1-094) - Red Option Common
Mad Dog Fire (BT1-096) - Blue Option Rare
Boring Storm (BT1-097) - Blue Option Common
V-Nova Blast (BT1-098) - Blue Option Common
Hearts Attack (BT1-099) - Blue Option Common
Blade of the True (BT1-102) - Yellow Option Common
Golden Ripper (BT1-104) - Yellow Option Common
Blast Fire (BT1-105) - Yellow Option Common
Symphony No.1 (Polyphony) (BT1-106) - Yellow Option Rare
Horn Buster (BT1-108) - Green Option Common
Smashed Potatoes (BT1-109) - Green Option Common
Flower Cannon (BT1-110) - Green Option Rare
Flower Cannon (BT1-110) - Green Option Alternative Art
Giga Blaster (BT1-111) - Green Option Rare
Dimension Scissor (BT1-112) - Green Option Common
Forbidden Temptation (BT1-113) - Green Option Common
MetalGreymon (BT1-114) 5 Red Digimon Secret Rare
MetalGreymon (BT1-114) 5 Red Digimon Alternative Art
Veedramon (BT1-115) 4 Blue Digimon Secret Rare
Veedramon (BT1-115) 4 Blue Digimon Alternative Art
Kapurimon (BT2-005) 2 Black Digi-Egg Common
Tsumemon (BT2-006) 2 Black Digi-Egg Rare
Pagumon (BT2-007) 2 Purple Digi-Egg Common
Yaamon (BT2-008) 2 Purple Digi-Egg Rare
Guilmon (BT2-009) 3 Red Digimon Common
Growlmon (BT2-013) 4 Red Digimon Uncommon
WarGrowlmon (BT2-017) 5 Red Digimon Rare
Volcanicdramon (BT2-018) 6 Red Digimon Common
Gallantmon (BT2-020) 6 Red Digimon Super Rare
Gallantmon (BT2-020) 6 Red Digimon Alternative Art
MetalSeadramon (BT2-030) 6 Blue Digimon Rare
Magnadramon (BT2-039) 6 Yellow Digimon Uncommon
Agumon (BT2-043) 3 Green Digimon Common
Tyrannomon (BT2-044) 4 Green Digimon Common
MetalTyrannomon (BT2-046) 5 Green Digimon Rare
Cherrymon (BT2-048) 5 Green Digimon Uncommon
Puppetmon (BT2-049) 6 Green Digimon Rare
RustTyrannomon (BT2-051) 6 Green Digimon Super Rare
Hagurumon (BT2-052) 3 Black Digimon Common
Keramon (BT2-053) 3 Black Digimon Rare
Gotsumon (BT2-054) 3 Black Digimon Uncommon
ToyAgumon (BT2-055) 3 Black Digimon Common
Numemon (BT2-056) 4 Black Digimon Common
Greymon (BT2-057) 4 Black Digimon Common
Guardromon (BT2-058) 4 Black Digimon Common
Kurisarimon (BT2-059) 4 Black Digimon Uncommon
Megadramon (BT2-060) 5 Black Digimon Uncommon
Andromon (BT2-061) 5 Black Digimon Common
Infermon (BT2-062) 5 Black Digimon Rare
MetalGreymon (BT2-063) 5 Black Digimon Common
HiAndromon (BT2-064) 6 Black Digimon Uncommon
WarGreymon (BT2-065) 6 Black Digimon Super Rare
WarGreymon (BT2-065) 6 Black Digimon Alternative Art
Machinedramon (BT2-066) 6 Black Digimon Super Rare
DemiDevimon (BT2-067) 3 Purple Digimon Uncommon
Impmon (BT2-068) 3 Purple Digimon Common
Gabumon (BT2-069) 3 Purple Digimon Common
Tapirmon (BT2-070) 3 Purple Digimon Uncommon
Wizardmon (BT2-071) 4 Purple Digimon Common
Vilemon (BT2-072) 4 Purple Digimon Common
Garurumon (BT2-073) 4 Purple Digimon Common
Devimon (BT2-074) 4 Purple Digimon Uncommon
Myotismon (BT2-075) 5 Purple Digimon Uncommon
Pumpkinmon (BT2-076) 5 Purple Digimon Common
Kimeramon (BT2-077) 5 Purple Digimon Rare
WereGarurumon (BT2-078) 5 Purple Digimon Common
VenomMyotismon (BT2-079) 6 Purple Digimon Rare
Piedmon (BT2-080) 6 Purple Digimon Super Rare
Piedmon (BT2-080) 6 Purple Digimon Alternative Art
MetalGarurumon (BT2-081) 6 Purple Digimon Super Rare
MetalGarurumon (BT2-081) 6 Purple Digimon Alternative Art
Diaboromon (BT2-082) 6 White Digimon Super Rare
Diaboromon (BT2-082) 6 White Digimon Alternative Art
Millenniummon (BT2-083) 7 White Digimon Super Rare
Sora Takenouchi (BT2-084) - Red Tamer Rare
Joe Kido (BT2-085) - Blue Tamer Rare
Kari Kamiya (BT2-087) - Yellow Tamer Rare
Taiga (BT2-088) - Green Tamer Rare
Tai Kamiya (BT2-089) - Black Tamer Rare
Matt Ishida (BT2-090) - Purple Tamer Rare
Radiation Blade (BT2-092) - Red Option Uncommon
Shield of the Just (BT2-093) - Red Option Rare
River of Power (BT2-095) - Blue Option Uncommon
Terrors Cluster (BT2-102) - Green Option Rare
Spiral Sword (BT2-103) - Black Option Common
Atomic Ray (BT2-104) - Black Option Common
Spider Shooter (BT2-105) - Black Option Uncommon
Infinity Cannon (BT2-106) - Black Option Rare
Darkness Claw (BT2-107) - Purple Option Uncommon
Night Raid (BT2-108) - Purple Option Common
Heat Viper (BT2-109) - Purple Option Common
Trump Sword (BT2-110) - Purple Option Rare
Beelzemon (BT2-111) 6 Purple Digimon Secret Rare
Beelzemon (BT2-111) 6 Purple Digimon Alternative Art
Leopardmon (BT3-030) 6 Blue Digimon Super Rare
Leopardmon (BT3-030) 6 Blue Digimon Alternative Art
Kentaurosmon (BT3-043) 6 Yellow Digimon Super Rare
Kentaurosmon (BT3-043) 6 Yellow Digimon Alternative Art
Chuumon (BT3-061) 3 Black Digimon Common
MetalEtemon (BT3-074) 6 Black Digimon Uncommon
Tsukaimon (BT3-079) 3 Purple Digimon Common
Devidramon (BT3-081) 4 Purple Digimon Uncommon
Raremon (BT3-084) 4 Purple Digimon Rare
Boltmon (BT3-089) 6 Purple Digimon Uncommon
Lilithmon (BT3-091) 6 Purple Digimon Super Rare
Lilithmon (BT3-091) 6 Purple Digimon Alternative Art
Looking Back on the Good Times (BT3-107) - Black Option Uncommon
Back for Revenge! (BT3-109) - Purple Option Uncommon

Box Topper Cards

Card Level Colour Type Rarity
Tai Kamiya (BT1-085) - Red Tamer Alternative Art
Matt Ishida (BT1-086) - Blue Tamer Alternative Art
T.K. Takaishi (BT1-087) - Yellow Tamer Alternative Art
Izzy Izumi (BT1-088) - Green Tamer Alternative Art
Mimi Tachikawa (BT1-089) - Green Tamer Alternative Art
Sora Takenouchi (BT2-084) - Red Tamer Alternative Art
Joe Kido (BT2-085) - Blue Tamer Alternative Art
Kari Kamiya (BT2-087) - Yellow Tamer Alternative Art
Tai Kamiya (BT2-089) - Black Tamer Alternative Art
Matt Ishida (BT2-090) - Purple Tamer Alternative Art

Colour Breakdown

ColourLevel 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7TamersOptionsTotal
Red 2 6 7 7 4 - 2 6 34
Blue 2 5 7 5 4 - 2 5 30
Yellow 2 6 6 5 4 - 2 4 29
Green 2 6 7 7 5 - 3 7 37
Black 2 5 4 4 4 - 1 5 25
Purple 2 5 6 4 6 - 1 5 29
White - - - - 1 2 - - 3
Total 12 33 37 32 28 2 11 32 187